Everyone should be able to afford to drink good wine everyday

The Mercury Wine Week 2015

Inspiring Exploration is what we believe in at the Mercury Wine Week. Let us take you on a journey to discover and explore hundreds of wines in a beautiful setting on the East Coast beachfront. Walk away with spectacular wines at the best possible prices to continue enjoying the experience for weeks after the show is over!

At the Mercury Wine Week you will gain knowledge about different wines in an elegant, sophisticated, fun filled environment. Our exhibitors are bursting at the seams to tell you about their wines and are welcoming and approachable to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, sample old favourites and discover new favourites to add to their list!


Grindrod Wine Theatre

We are thrilled to host the Grinrod Wine Theatre where there will be dedicated tastings during each evening, hosted by various estates on show. It is an opportunity for visitors to have 20 dedicated minutes where they can taste and learn about the particular wine/s being shown. It’s a great forum to ask questions and find new favourites.

There is no extra charge to attend the dedicated tastings, but seats are limited, so make sure you are seated at least 10 minutes before the presentation starts.

No under 18′s. Please drink responsibly.